Artist in Residence

Crystal Ange

Healing Arts is extremely important for us all. Community and raising our vibrational frequencies. I am blessed to create and grow in the Westhaven Center if anyone has questions are would like to know more I greatly encourage you to stop in to see me Fridays 1-4 or reach out to me at

Photography has been a major influence to share my adventures. Now, after much travel and experience I have rooted in the redwoods to grow deep and tall to share my love for our world and its beauty.

Adventure filled with rainbow views as I meditate through Earth and all the beautiful destinations. My art features my journey traveling and collecting gifts from these mystical places.

Multi-media creations with a background story to share and collect. I love finding driftwood naturally carved by the ocean’s waves. Creating wands and other amazing gifts. Crystals of course is a major love and their energy gifted to us. Feathers from birds and leather come together in many mystical forms, you may see samples of my work on display at The Westhaven Center for the Arts until Dec. 2020

Sending rainbow visions always