Community Gallery

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Ann Anderson

Diana Schoenfeld

Reuben Mayes

“I like to do art because it makes me feel excited and it is funny to me and an awesome job.  I like to do art inventory with my brother and make art with my mom Sundays.”

Kathleen Stone

K. Eitzen

Susan Fox

Teresa Whitehawk

Catherine Dean

Lynne Wagner

“Painting is a contemplative, feeling, intuitive process of relating to the living being, heart and spirit of the persons or subjects I am painting. I use the human figure to express the qualities of human vulnerability, strength, grace and joyfulness, and paint people from many ethnic backgrounds to celebrate the richness of cultural perspective on our planet. My art work includes prayerful intention that the paintings may have a positive effect on viewers, magnifying enjoyment and well-being. The living Light in everyone provides constant inspiration.”

Natalie Craig

Paul & Nancy Rickard

Jaffa Dugan

Maija Kalb