Emerging Artist Archive

This ongoing exhibit showcases paintings, sculpture, ceramics, and photography of art students attending Humboldt State University, College of the Redwoods, and Whitman College.

Valie Marie, Humbolt State University

“Making art is my way to bring more beauty into my life and the world.  I try to imbue my work with that same feeling of bliss I get when painting.”

Sheala Dunlap, Humbolt State University

“I intuitively assemble magical oceanic bronze sculpted creatures that metaphorically represent duality, strength, and creativity. I’m inspired by symbolism from the animal kingdom and use it to reconstruct a whimsical myth.”

Fiona Shaughnessy, Whitman College

Fiona Shaughnessy grew up in Arcata and is now majoring in Fine Arts at Whitman College. Her work varies from experimental and playful interactions of color and line, to pieces that suggest social or political commentary on life as a young adult in the US. 

Stephanie Griswold, College of the Redwoods

“To all the people who encourage me to keep being creative- a special thank you. I have enjoyed learning to advance my skills as I emerge as an artist.”

Katalina Prince, Humbolt State University

“I am a multi-media artisan, in progress to complete the Bachelors in Fine Art with a Museum and Gallery Practices Certificate at Humboldt State University this Spring, 2021. A ‘current’ theme that connects these works is the element of water. In an effort to find out more about self, place, purpose, and offering for the improvement of the shared spHERE. Water is the common aqueous bloodline, coursing the veins of we when the ‘vains’ of I, are released.”

Paige Rinehart, Humbolt State University, Studio Art major, emphasis in ceramics

Paige Rinehart is currently in her last semester at Humboldt State University as a Studio Art major, emphasis in ceramics.

My ceramic work primarily deals with the gendered implications that exist around the socially-constructed binary between strength and softness. To me there is no strength without softness, and no softness without strength- and I strive to make work that embodies both vulnerability and protectiveness.” www.paigerinehart.com

Ovr. Thr, Humbolt State University

“I’m a painter and graphic designer who will be graduating from HSU this year with a degree in Studio arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design.  Ovr.Thr represents the furthest reaches of artistic expression and street culture.”

Samantha Siakovich-Inshaw, Humboldt State University, BFA Program

“My ceramic sculptures represent the relationship with my family, heritage, and generational trauma. The elements of fiber craft come from my maternal side – craftspersons, knitters, crocheters, shepherds, etc. while the hardware and industrial elements harken to my paternal side of the family, many of whom are engineers and inventors.”

Kaitlin Mottershead, College of the Redwoods

“Everything I choose to create has been articulated with a great level of intensity- whether it’s color, texture or subject matter, bland is not something that interests me.“

Cady Smith, College of the Redwoods

“I am an artist of many mediums. Born and raised in Orange County and currently a 3 year resident of Humboldt County. I have been exploring digital art, photography, dance and music my whole life. Excited to announce that I am transferring from College of the Redwoods to Humboldt State University for Fall 2021. I plan on double majoring in Art Studio with an emphasis on graphic design, and Dance with a minor in music. This is just the beginning of the many forms of art that I will be producing for this community to see or hear.”