Musician in Residence

Rosalind Parducci

Rosalind Parducci is an improvisor, composer, wordsmith, and musical experimenter. Her songs invite listeners on a musical odyssey, tinted by the pigments of jazz, pop and blues. Her lyrics originate in a placeless place, somewhere near the intersection of the modern everyday, and the elusive, inconclusive mystery. She looks for ways to illustrate observations of life’s oddities, blooming with a profound curiosity and eternal spunk. Through songs and poetry she breathes life into her own conceptions of a funky American folklore, embracing a mirthful, irreverent awareness.

Parducci has a non-pedantic penchant for traditional and new folk fiddle tunes from America, Ireland and Scotland, with rhythms inspired by the ebb and flow of the natural world. She tends to stray into all sorts of artistic hubs- who knows what might come of it next. Her songs are dedicated to all things odd and wonderful and in between. And to the creatives, providing the necessary provocation to stimulate and encourage growth.